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The Artists

Tatiana  (Moscow, Russia)

  Shop Tatiana's Jungle

"I love to draw patterns, animals and abstracted illustrations.

I prefer my art bright, colorful and to dare in new styles and fashion.

My goal is to make this world more beautiful and more wonderful."

Art by Tatiana

 Marta Afonso  (Portugal)


 Shop Marta's Flowers

"I fell in love with patterns, drawing and engraving while participating in Erasmus Exchange Programme in Barcelona.

I have the need for greater freedom to create."

 Art by Marta

Mathew Miller – (Bristol, United Kingdom)

Shop Mathew's Owls

"I like to draw things for people, often strange and mainly animals.

My weapons of choice are a 0.5mm technical pencil, a pentel pocket brush pen, unipin fineliners of varying size, watercolours, acrylic ink, photoshop, illustrator, a graphics tablet and much paper."

 Art by Mathew

Nicolas Castell (Spain) 

Shop Nicolas Magical Pond

"I like to explore the limits of the imagination; there is a nice sense of travel and freedom in this way of creating. I would like to offer a little journey to the spectator with my work. Where he can relax, imagine and feel free."

 Art by Nicolas

Julia Badeeva (St. Petersburg, Russia )

 Shop Jullia's Amazing Zebra

"Drawing has been a part of me all my life and has become my professional career 4 years ago.

Drawing and Design is my passion. I put my heart and soul into each work."

 Art by Julia

Ran Aviv (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

 Shop Ran's Amazing Panther

 "An Art Director, a designer and a digital artist, specializing in web design, illustration, UI, logos, print, animation and exhibition design. Also a great cook."

 Art by Ran